Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies


Our Cookies Come In 2 Sizes

Standard Cookies

$12 per dozen

Our Standard Cookies are 2-3 inch diameter cookies



$4 per cookie

Our Mega Cookies are 5-6 inch diameter cookies


Cookie cAKES


$25 per Cake


Our Happy Birthday Cookie cake is an 8 inch diameter delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie decorated with buttercream and white chocolate letters!

DIY Cookie Decorating Kit


How do i get my cookies?


Fresh cookies delivered to your door if you live within 0-20 miles​ from our pickup location. Delivery prices vary


Pickup your order from our designated Minnetonka location


Coming soon: Nationwide Priority shipping 

What Are my options?

- Classic Cookies

These are your well known and loved cookies including: Chocolate chip, Sugar, Chocolate Peanut Butter etc.

-Specialty Cookies

Unique and limited addition sure to give your taste buds a joy ride

-Cookie Kits

Decorate your own cookie with buttercream frosting and candy decor.  

Coming soon:

Callies Custom cookie

Customize your own cookie with a choice of your favorite base, mix ins, fillings and topping 

Made with love 


yours truly 

Hi! I'm Callie Fidler and I am the teen baker behind Callie's Custom Cookies. I started this company when I was 14 years old as a way to spread some joy and cookies around town. Now at 16, I am still baking away, and loving every second of it :) I really hope these cookies bring as much joy to you, as baking them does to me!